Sometimes the term ‘Grey Fleet’ drivers are spoken about when discussing driving for work matters.

But what exactly is a ‘Grey Fleet Driver’?

Grey Fleet drivers are that drivers that drive their own vehicles on company related journeys.

If you drive your own privately owned vehicle or vehicle funded through an allowance, then you are a grey fleet driver.

Your employer owe you the same duty of care under Health & Safety legislation and Driving for Work regulations because you drive your own vehicles for work, as they do to any staff driving company vehicles.

Managing Driving For Work

Businesses need to ensure that ‘Grey Fleet’ drivers are managed within the same policies and guidelines as if they were driving a company car, van or truck.

Driving for work relates to all journeys undertaken for any company business, between sites or driving to work other than your normal site or base. By allowing drivers to use their own private vehicle for these journeys does not get rid of the organizations duty of care or responsibilities.