I have received several notifications of Toyota’s alleged efforts to encourage persons to text whilst driving over the last few weeks so I decided to check this out for myself.

The above video from Toyota clearly states that you should only text whilst the vehicle is parked. So much for Toyota’s bad press and ill informed persons.

Of course it can be argued that placing such a device in the vehicle will encourage the use of the item but is this any different from the blue tooth facility on most satellite guidance systems currently available on the market for the last few years. Doesn’t the responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe way still lie with the driver and don’t these systems just provide us with other tools to do the same thing basically to communicate with other persons. Communication is an innate function of humanity and what we need to address is the action of doing this whilst driving. Toyota have used this human desire cleverly in their marketing and picked up on this need.

Road Safety campaigners will undoubtedly however be dismayed at the tagline ‘Touch and Go’, which admittedly is another selling point of the campaign in my opinion which will unfortunately appeal to certain buyers. Checking with a local second car dealership he informed me that many persons enquire more about the radio system in second vehicles in his premises than the mechanical or what I would consider more important aspects of a vehicle – maybe that’s just a sign of the connected times we live in?