Digital Tachographs

Digital Tachographs were introduced to certain types of vehicles on May 1st 2006, however what do you need to know if you haven’t used one before or you haven’t used a digital tachograph card for a while.

digital tachographs msut be carried by drivers of certain vehicles

Digital Tachographs are a daily record

Digital Cards hold information about when you drive.

Some information the digital card holds is what vehicle you drive, what speed you did (or didn’t) do, whether you drove on your own or you shared the driving and the number of times you used the card that day.

It shows much more information but you get the idea.

You must therefore use the driver card every day you drive from the start of your shift when you take over your works vehicle.

Digital Tachographs record what you do at work

Digital Tachograph units use switches which authorities and trainers call mode switches to record what you are doing at work – do you fuel the vehicle? – that’s not driving – it’s other work. Do you take breaks? – That’s not driving it’s resting.

You must use the switches to tell the unit what to record on your card correctly – other work, availability, rest and breaks.

Your Card is your responsibility

Your drivers card is your responsibility if you leave the card in the unit and someone else drives it – moves it – washes it – fuels it it’s recording all those activities as yours. Now it’s harder to prove you took that break.

So take out your card when changing driver – when your leaving the vehicle in a yard for maintenance, washing, fuelling or if you think another driver could drive it even for a short distance.

Where you start and finish

Just like on the analogue chart system there is a start and end – what’s different though is that on digital tachographs this is by country. Watch this if you cross a border during the day where you start may be different from where you end.

At the start record the country – at the end of your days shift – record the country you finish in.

Manual recording of stuff when the card is out

Yes – if you are waiting for someone and you have taken the card out of the unit and you go off doing other work, maybe unloading or loading another vehicle you are required to record that manually on the card when you next insert the card back into the vehicle unit. It actually asks you this each time if you wish to do this. This short guide can’t explain how to do it but I’ll follow this up with another post explaining soon.

Manually record all your work since you last removed your card.

Digital Tachographs are here to stay and its your card

Your card needs protection, keep it clean, don’t bend it, swipe it and watch it around magnets, mobile phones and other things that can mess with the card which means you having to fork out for a new one.

Any other tips let us know in the comments below