Six Driving Safety Hints for Employers

Employers have several strategies they can use to reduce the risk of work-related driving incidents. Here are some useful ones to get you started.

Educate Your Drivers

Driver risk can be reduced by educating your employees about driving safety. Consider hiring a driver trainer to give your workers a refresher course.

Make Sure Work Vehicles Are Properly Maintained

Employers should perform a periodic comprehensive workplace vehicle inspection on each company vehicle. This helps ensure the vehicle won’t have any potentially dangerous malfunctions while it’s on the road. Its also not good when such incidents make national news.

Appropriate Staffing Levels

It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient numbers of drivers. Overworked drivers are unsafe drivers. Overworked drivers are demotivated drivers. Salaries don’t make up for time away from family.  Smart staffing helps you prevent accidents. Use software if you have to and ensure your management is aware of safe staffing levels.

Reward Safe Driving

Incentive programs raise awareness of safe driving. Monitor driving work related incidents and reward the safer drivers. You can monitor by kms / mileage driven incident free.  Apps can be used such as which promotes distraction-free driving.

Discipline Unsafe Drivers

In addition to offering an incentive, you should also consider a discipline system for drivers who are involved in incidents. There should be a thorough report about all incidents, and drivers who are at fault should be disciplined. All too often in times of economic recovery drivers who are involved in incidents are left to go unchecked to repeat the process. This is also linked to management performance – can your managers identify their high-risk drivers?

Driving Safety Is Everyone’s Concern

Driving safely is crucial for both employees and employers. Employees risk injury and reduced wages, and employers can lose thousands due to worker’s compensation, vehicle repairs, property liability, public compensation, poor delivery performance and other costs. Staying safe on the road and at work is in everyone’s best interest.