Roundabouts in Ireland

Roundabouts in Ireland pose challenges to everyone. Whatever age you are or whatever you drive are you sure you are using them correctly?

They are designed to keep traffic moving. You enter all roundabouts by turning left – make sure you are in the correct lane – make sure you are using the correct signals – give way as required if necessary and proceed on.

Other issues:

Whilst conducting driving assessments and Fleet type training one common area of contention is the fact that drivers approach roundabouts at a speed that is difficult to stop. This is incorrect all junctions should be approached at a speed that you can stop at. It’s not the speed you drive at that gets you it’s the braking distance you can stop in or lack of it that can kill you or someone else.

Drivers of heavy vehicles should be even more considerate. Yes, you want to keep your vehicle moving but you should still be able to stop if necessary.

Foreign drivers or drivers who are new to Ireland would do well to view this page and the videos to understand the Rules of the Road and familiarise themselves with Irish Law as regards roundabouts.

Have a look at the following videos for information. I’ve also included videos from the UK as most Coach and HGV drivers drive here in both jurisdictions.


UK video follows below

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