Penalty Points New Offences added

This last week in Ireland bought about a change in the driving landscape as new offences were added to the list of existing offences that attract penalty points.

This is on a backdrop of increasing road fatalities since the first year that penalty points were introduced.


Learner Drivers to get Penalty Points for First Time

For the first time ever Learner drivers will attract penalty points for driving unaccompanied, not displaying ‘L’ plates or the newly regulated ‘N’ plate.

Two points will be due on payment of a fixed charge or four on conviction in court.

Gardai Driving for Work follow different laws

Gardai (Irish Police) however it transpired on Sunday this week obey a different set of rules than the rest of us with reporting of one Garda having penalty points wiped from his licence no less than 6 times whilst attracting such points during the course of his work duties.


1000’s may have points revoked

1000’s of drivers may now have their points revoked after it was discovered that there is a loophole in the law and many fines and summonses may have to be annulled.

The issue is being investigated by the Irish Government who has ordered the Attorney General to investigate the matter further.