What’s the most common driving offence in Ireland to attract penalty points?

It’s not drink driving as many people people think – it’s speeding.

Penalty points introduced 10 years ago in 2002 have been very effective according to road safety experts in reducing the road deaths and serious injuries on our roads. Over 110 offences are recorded each day on average (2012 figures) by driver behaviour such as using a hand held mobile.

Other startling facts, the number of drink driving offences are way down, despite one in ten Irish drivers now having been stopped at random checkpoints and breath tested. Offences of drink driving have also been changed in 2011 with almost zero levels being introduced for learner and professional drivers.  Whether this is a factor of the economy or of the checkpoints and safety message is unclear but either way the figures don’t lie.

The top three offences for driver type offences all relate to driver behaviour, factors which each individual driver can take responsibility and take control over their own actions.