Penalties for non-compliance

So your man in the truck or bus beside you has no Driver CPC done, and he’s proud of it. So what’s going to happen, here’s what the RSA have published in recent times as to the penalties.

If you are a professional driver and you do not have a CPC or cannot show that you have a Driver CPC you are breaking the law and could be liable to penalties as follows:

Falsifying documentation -fine up to €5,000
Driving without a valid Driver CPC – fine of €2,000
If you or an employer permit another driver, who does not have a valid Driver CPC, to drive a relevant vehicle you/they could be liable for a fine up to €5,000

Loads of Bus Drivers are reporting at the moment that RSA Enforcement officers are asking them to produce their cards when stopped at checkpoints. If you’ve been stopped tell us about it in the comments below.