New Plastic Card Driving Licence

The New Plastic Card Driving Licence is due to be introduced next week so a brief update about how this will look and how it will affect you.

Plans for the introduction of the new Plastic Card Driving Licence.


The main points are as follows;


  • On 19 January plastic cards licences and permits will issue to the public


  • No licences will issue in the week between 12-19 January to prepare the transition from paper to plastic – (Driving Schools you may wish to advise your customers of this where they may be effected by their learner permit expiring around or during that period)


  • Fees for licences have increased as and from 1 January 2013, which seems strange if you are only getting an old type licence but paying the higher fee, so I don’t know what the situation is with this, let us know if you experienced this.



In tandem with Plastic Card there are changes to licences – The main changes cover-


  • A person could ride the most powerful motorcycle (without having ridden any other bike) from age 24 – This is referred to as ‘Direct Access’ to Category A
  • A new motorbike category A2 is being created
  • Trucks and Buses licences will last for five years instead of ten years at present
  • Age increases for those holding a truck and or a  bus licence unless the driver is taking CPC


I have also attached a small poster by way of an example of what the new learner permit and driving licence look like.


new irish driving licence










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