Gardai from all around the country will increase the number of checkpoints targetting ‘drink drivers’ ahead of the Christmas party season, according to many newsreports, Driving-For-Work has learned.

The reduction in drink driving limits from 80mg to 50mg, for private motorists and to 20mg for commercial drivers in the last while has provoked an increase on random checks on drivers, according to the many newresports from around the country.

‘According to Olivia Ryan article of the Irish Independant reporting from Louth she reports that -There will be a high visibility presence of gardai in the run up to Christmas, and we are increasing the number or checkpoints across the county over the next few weeks,’ said Inspector Paul Kieran.

He added that there has been a hugely welcome gradual reduction in road fatalities in Louth over the last decade.

The number of people killed on the county’s roads in 2011 to date stands at 168, deaths which occurred in 156 separate accidents. The figure is down on 2010, when there were 202 fatalities at this stage of the year.

‘Every fatality is another life lost, and we must work to implement the measures that are helping to save lives,’ said Inspector Kieran.

‘We have had a greatly improved road network in Louth, including the opening of the Newry-dundalk road and the M1 to Dublin, routes which have helped improve road safety, and bring down the number of accidents occurring.’