Van Driver Training

Van Driver Training

Driver Training includes pre driving checks

Driver risk assessments and advanced driver training are now an essential part of any companies learning and development and risk management  policy. These methods are seen as a chance to assess your fleet and find ways to improve efficiency while reducing costs.

I strongly believe that I can help you to reduce your fleet running costs whilst at the same time improve the efficiency and productivity of your company drivers as well as increasing the motivation of your workforce.

As a  professional registered trainer, advanced driving specialist and driver risk assessor I am always on call to help and I am available throughout the UK and Ireland.

Contact me to find out how I can help you to reduce your occupational road risk and at the same time save money.



The van driver training, awareness and  manoeuvring sessions are designed to run alongside our Manual Handling for Drivers training to provide an all round service for all van drivers.

Most companies drivers are essential to the successful running of the company, but the majority of them have little or no experience in driving vans. Safe Driving For Work Van Training can ensure that your van drivers  feel comfortable and confident when transferring from cars to large vans, concentrating on safe handling, reversing and maneuvering.

My van driving courses gained through real life experience focuses at the techniques required for loading and unloading, parking and in particular, how to deal simply and safely with the restricted view encountered in most panel vans. the courses also cover how to work out the van loading weight limits and the now different altered handling characteristics of the vehicle.

Safe Driving for Work  can run van driver induction courses for the novice company driver and van driver interview assessments which can run alongside your usual recruitment process, working with your HR or personnel development team. This course lasts between one and three days depending on your requirements. For the more experienced drivers we can provide refresher courses to improve driver safety which last for one day.

Whatever your needs I can help your drivers to stay safe and productive which in turn provides a positive image of your company to all road users, white van or not.

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