Five persons lost their lives last weekend on Irish Roads bringing the total fatalities so far this year to 175. At this stage last year the fatalities stood at 212, so we are down but that is no consolation to the families of all 175 victims. News reports suggest that a victim over the weekend worked in the offices of the Road Safety Authority in Ballina which is also tragic.

As poor weather approaches and the Christmas pressure begins to impact on everyone with only 12 days to go it is important even in a work setting and dealing with driving be those drivers sales persons or merchandisers or any driver to remind drivers of their own safety when driving and to allow the christmas pressure to pass.

Productivity pressures with the run up to Christmas may cause some drivers to take chances, as a Health and Safety Manager one question what have you done to ease those pressures especially when the importance of productivity is so high this year?

Emphasing the simple and what to do rather than what no to do might make a differance and help us all have a safe driving holiday in two weeks time.