You may be asked to produce your full driving licence whilst driving for work


Driving Licence
It might seem obvious but one of the basic things I do prior to any on road driver training is to ask the driver of a company vehicle for their driving licence. This is part of my own policy and procedures and satisfies me that the candidate is actually legally able to drive the vehicle in which we wish to complete an on road session.
Another point to bear in mind before reading further is that it is my belief that only the best of companies actually organise on road sessions for their drivers in Ireland, I don’t believe that we actually ever get to see or meet the worst of what’s out there, but that’s the subject of another blog in itself.
It is still surprising therefore that a large amount of discrepancies still arise when delivering on road training. Issues around the area of the driving licence are as follows:
• Drivers who do not carry their licence with them
• Drivers whose licence has expired
• Drivers who do not have the relevant licence category
• Drivers who have a forged licence
Approximately 5% of all the licences I and my team check fall into these categories. This is surprising and could easily be addressed by companies who implement a Driver Risk Management System of some description.
This need not be complicated and should be updated on a frequent basis as is necessary. Such a system should cover basics such as the following:
• Licence Validity
• Licence Expiry
• Licence restrictions
• Licence endorsements
• Licence bans in force
All these issues expose an employer as well as the driver to possible risk in especially in terms of litigation and prosecution from enforcement authorities.
These claims and fines may be significant and will eat into a companies net bottom line. This is crucially important in today’s world of economic recession.
Any driver training on road should provide this service as part of the training and a complementary report should be part of the standard package which relates specifically to a companies driving licence audit of their individual drivers.