The Sponsor: according to the RSA is the following;

  • A Sponsor supervises the learner driver’s driving practice between lessons;
  • In order to get the maximum benefit from the lessons, the learner driver must do at least three hours of practice in the two week period before and after each EDT lesson and the best person to do this with is a Sponsor;
  • This is a responsible role with whom the learner driver feels comfortable, for example a family member, parent, aunt or uncle and of course an ADI if you wish
  • The Sponsor must be able to give a learner driver time and commitment to helping them learn to drive, stay calm and patient under pressure and demonstrate good driving behavior themselves;
  • Sponsors must hold a full car driving licence for at least two years but more importantly should have lots of driving experience that the learner driver can benefit from.

I would have thought that an important point to bear in mind in choosing a sponsor would have been the teaching ability of the person chosen. If you are a learner ask yourself the following;

  • Is your chosen sponsor proven to have the ability to teach you anything 
  • Is the chosen sponsor likely to empathise with you in your opinon 
  • Are you comfortable with the idea of taking criticsm from your chosen sponsor
  • Is your chosen sponsor critical by nature 
  • Are they positive by nature – this is actually more important 
  • Ask yourself how you would rate your sponsors own driving style