Deadline For Truck Drivers

Driver CPC Training Dates 2014 had better be in your heads now as with 16 weeks to go the countdown has begun!

There are just over 16 weeks to the deadline for truck drivers who need to attend 35 hours of periodic Driver CPC Training in order to obtain their Driver CPC Card (Driver Qualification Card).  I have 2014 dates to help you plan ahead and ensure that you meet the deadline. Choose your course from our comprehensive range of RSA Driver CPC  accredited courses – you’ll find them here:

Be legal…

Driver CPC is periodic you must attend one course every year in Ireland to keep your acquired Driver CPC Rights. This must be done within each five year cycle, so if you already have a Driver CPC Card as a Bus, Coach or Mini Bus Driver, you need to start planning to keep it updated. To make sure you renew in plenty of time and stay legal on the road you can book one of our Driver CPC Courses NOW – choose your first annual seven hour module and protect your Driver CPC Card!

Checking what driver cpc modules you’ve done

You can check what Driver CPC Courses you’ve already done with ourselves or any Driver CPC Provider by logging into the Driver CPC Portal and reviewing what courses you’ve already completed.  You can also check our Guide to Checking your Driver CPC, any problems just give me a call.

Need to Start your Driver CPC Courses

Are you new to Bus or Truck driving? Depending when you took your test, you may to take Initial Driver CPC Training or Periodic Driver CPC training. Get in touch for expert guidance on exactly what you need in order to be – and stay – legal on the road!

Where are the courses?

All our courses are held at our approved training centre in Kilkenny, on specified dates, but if you have several drivers who need to qualify for a Driver Qualification Card, we can run courses on demand.

Safe Driving and stay compliant and legal.