Driver CPC Modules

Driver CPC for professional drivers has been with us now for a while and some drivers are wondering if the order they do the modules in has any relevance?

There are 6 modules covering the training requirement

Driver CPC Modules:

  • Module 1: Control of the vehicle and eco-driving techniques
  • Module 2: Minimising risks and managing emergencies in the transport industry
  • Module 3: Health and safety for the professional driver
  • Module 4: Role of the professional driver in the transport industry
  • Module 5: The professional truck driver
  • Module 6: The professional bus driver

Modules 1 to 4 above are generic to all drivers. Module 5 is specific to truck drivers and Module 6 specific to bus drivers.

Driver CPC a brief history recap

The driver CPC requirement has been with us for a while now. It was introduced at different times for Bus and Truck drivers.

From 10th September 2008 for drivers of buses

From 10th September 2009 for drivers of trucks

A driver to maintain their driver CPC must complete all modules relevant to their vehicle type within a five year period.


So if you drive a bus and you stated your modules in the year 2008 – 2009 you would be doing your fourth module this year or another way of saying it would be that you have to have your fourth module completed by the 10th September 2012 and your fifth module by September 2013 to maintain your driver CPC.  Once you complete the five modules relevant to you by then you will be issued with a driver CPC card.

If you are a truck driver you must complete 5 modules relevant to you by 10th September 2014 to maintain your driver CPC.

So you see there are two different timelines going on here concurrently so what happens if you were an existing driver in 2008 and you have both truck and bus licences.

Driver CPC for existing drivers who hold both truck and bus licences

You must complete 6 modules by the 10th September 2014 If you have both licences.

If you only do 5 modules by this date and for example you do Module 5, if you hold a bus licence you do not fulfil the requirement to do 6 modules and thus loose the acquired rights to continue driving buses.

The ways to complete the modules then is like so, Do modules 1 – 4 and then complete Module 6 before 10th September 2013, which is year 5 for bus drivers. The following year before 10th September 2014 complete module 5 ‘The Professional Truck Driver’ and then you will have fulfilled all the requirements of five modules in five years for truck drivers.

This post hopefully makes drivers aware that there are two cycles both running concurrently and that drivers should be alert to this fact and may be penalised for trying to do it right but condemned for doing it wrong.

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