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Driver CPC for Dummiez

By on Jul 12, 2012 in Driver CPC | 0 comments

I’ve just made a little video series about the Driver CPC Training in Ireland entitled Driver CPC for Dummiez. The first in the series is About the CPC for drivers and hopefully addresses some issues. The short video relates specifically to Irish Drivers.

The video also addresses some common myths about Driver CPC such as:

  • Does the Course involve a test

  • Does the Course cover all relevant issues

  • How often should you do training

  • When you get your driver qualification card

  • What topics you may hear on some of the courses


A lot of the information in the video is already here on the site

such as how often the cpc should be undertaken 

Your driver qualification card

What topics are on the Driver CPC Training Course




Let me know what you think about the video and what you want to see in future videos by the Dummiez, Safe Driving




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