Christmas 2016 gifts and presents for car fans and motoring enthusiasts

IT’S THAT time of year. Yes, we know it’s still November but John Lewis released its Christmas advert this week, which, as we all have come to know, signals that the festive countdown is well and truly underway.

Take the strain out of the Christmas shopping this year and do it online with these ideas for motoring enthusiasts.

N.b. Gifts are shown in price order and all prices were correct at time of publication.


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Three-day ice driving trip to Sweden with Classic Grand Touring

Ask any of the Driving team what’s the most fun they’ve ever had on four wheels, and the likelihood is the answer will be driving on ice. Why? Because it’s hilariously good fun. And you’ll also come away with newfound levels of car control and confidence at the wheel. This trip to Sweden with Classic Grand Touring includes flights, transfers, accommodation, meals and ice-driving tuition in a variety of cars, plus a kart race.

Price £1,350 at


Halfords Industrial 5 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Halfords Industrial 5 Drawer Tool Cabinet

Putting tools in a tool cabinet after use makes it easy to find everything instead of piling them up in a tool box — and it’s likely to bring out a little bit of garage accessory envy among petrolhead friends. This one can hold up to 30kg per drawer, has an “advanced”central locking system and non-slip EVA drawer liners.

Price £359 at


GoPro Hero5 Black action camera

For people who wish to record their journeys by car or motorbike,or wish to record themselves wiping out on a mountain bike course, the latest version of the leading GoPro action camera allows 4K quality video and 12Mp photos. It’s also waterproof to 10m, is controlled by your voice and can upload footage to some sort of cloud, apparently.

Price £349.99 at


GoPro Hero5 Session action camera

This pared down version of the Hero5 is smaller and simpler but can still record 4K video and shares many of the same features, such as voice control. Perfect for recording a spot of heel-and-toe before applying a dab of oppo.

Price £249 at


Halfords 200 piece socket and ratchet spanner set

Halfords 200 piece socket set

Described in our review as “a beast of a set”, this is a car tinkerer’s dream with almost all you need for a spot of Sunday DIY. Currently half price, the components are of impressive quality, and Halfords offers a lifetime warranty. Socket to ‘em.

Price £175 (reduced from £350) at


BMW men’s jacket

BMW water resistant jacket

Not many people want to walk around in clothes emblazoned with a car logo. Not many people who don’t own a Ferrari, that is. That’s why this subtly-branded and stylish jacket from BMW appeals. It’s wind- and water-repellent, and has inner pockets with cable routing for headphones. Smart, indeed.

Price €184 (£160) plus €8.95 (£7.80) standard shipping at


TomTom Vio scooter navigation device

The world’s first sat nav designed especially for scooters is suitably funky. The small screen is waterproof, comes in a range of colours and connects to a mobile app so you can protect your smartphone from the elements. It includes a caller display, speed camera alerts and live traffic updates. But hey, even though the hands-free calling would be via an optional Bluetooth headset, may we respectfully suggest you pull over to have that urgent conversation.

Price £149.50 at


Pure Highway 600 DAB radio and Bluetooth

Digital radio is better than analogue radio unless you live somewhere remote and without decent coverage, like anywhere outside the M25. This is the simple way to get BBC 6 Music or 4 Extra in your car as it allows you to keep your existing stereo system. It also comes with hands-free calling via Bluetooth and music streaming, including via Spotify. It’s slightly trickier to install than Pure suggests but Halfords can quickly fit it for you for free.

Price £149 at


Peugeot Carrier Darl’Mat


This ride-on toy for children is named after Emile Darl’mat, a Peugeot dealer who created low-volume Peugeot sports car specials from the 1930s to the 1950s. That will be completely lost on your toddler as they career around the home making convincing engine noises.

Price £129 at Peugeot Webshop


Mini Cooper Paceman 6V electric ride-on

Mini Cooper Paceman 6V Electric Ride On Car at Halfords

Forget it, Clarkson — this Mini Paceman is just for children. Designed for those over three years old and up to 27kg, its 6V electric motor means it isn’t going to break any 0-60mph records — in fact it has a top speed of just 1.6mph — but the neighbours’ kids will be green with envy when they see this cool drop-top machine. Curly hair and pot belly not required.

Price £129 at (reduced to £90 ahead of Black Friday)


Nextbase 412GW dash cam

Nextbase 412GW

A dash cam records your journey in short clips, allowing you to easily capture accidents and save footage of cyclists with a death wish. This model from Nextbase has super high definition video quality, Wi-Fi capability to share footage via your smartphone and a neat magnetic “Click & Go” windscreen mount.

Price £129 at


AlcoSense Excel ‘morning after’ drink drive breathalyser

AlcoSense Excel breathalyser

Christmas can be a boozy time of year and many revellers hit the road the morning after a drop too many. Do them (and other road users) a favour with this breathalyser from top brand AlcoSense. We tested the AlcoSense Pro before Christmas last year but this new model promises even more accurate results.

Price £99 at


Peugeot Milan salt & pepper mill

Peugeot Milan salt & pepper mill

Made from beech wood locally sourced in Franche-Comté forests, near the PSP factory in Quingey, France, these grinders are unassuming but pack a feature you never knew you needed until now: the ability to change the size of the grounds to suit the meal, with six settings allowing you to get the taste just right.

Price £98 at Peugeot Webshop


Meccano Lamborghini Huracan radio control set

Meccano Lamborghini Huracan radio control set

An affordable way to own a Lamborghini? Build your own, for less than £80. OK, so you can’t climb inside this Lambo but the 298-piece kit (for ages 10+) does include an electric motor and remote control, meaning you can drive it. Technically.

Price £79 at


Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD

Amazon Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD

Want to watch Clarkson, Hammond and May up to their old tricks — sorry, new tricks — in Amazon’s The Grand Tour? Buying a Fire TV box and subscribing to Amazon Prime is one way to do it. It also gives you access to TV episodes and movies from the likes of Netflix, the BBC and ITV, as well as games, music and apps. Fire TV streams ultra HD but if you don’t have a 4K TV you can watch in standard HD, too. Then again, you might want to go for the cheaper Fire TV stick.

Price £75 (not including Amazon Prime subscription) at


Lego Ideas Caterham Seven 620R

Lego Ideas Caterham Seven 620R

Caterham’s most vicious Seven gets the Lego treatment. The 770-piece model is for kids over 12 years old – although who’s going to stop Mum or Dad lending their four-year old a hand? – and features a removable nose cone, engine and engine cover, and an opening boot where you can store four axle stands. Just remember: you have to let your son or daughter have a turn at building it, OK?

Price £69.99 at


Karcher WV2 Premium window vac

Karcher WV2 Premium window vac

This rechargeable electric vac promises streak-free car windows (actually, it works on any type of window) with ease. Spray on the cleaner, scrub and then vac away the dirty liquid. Just spraying a glass cleaner and wiping off is so last year.

Price £69 at


Autoglym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interiors collection

Autoglym Perfect Bodywork, Wheels & Interiors collection

Autoglym is one of the leading car care brands and this gift set offers a complete, high quality clean, inside and out. The kit includes bodywork shampoo, an award-winning resin polish and even a gloss sealant. If you know someone who might know what sealant is, they’ll want this, trust us.

Price £54.94 at


Royal Enfield Illustrurated [sic] Classic Graphic t-shirt

Royal Enfield Illustrurated [sic] Classic Graphic t-shirt

The classic motorcycle brand has a selection or retro garments at its online store, including this rather fetching 100% cotton t-shirt. The website says it’s “illustrurated”. There’s a stylish print on it, too.

Price £26.99 at


Muc-Off 4 Step car care kit

Muc-Off 4 Step car care kit

Muc-Off is a company that was clearly founded in a pub after a few drinks. There must have been many chuckles when the brand name was coined. There’s nothing funny about the power of its products to tackle built-up dirt and grime, though, and this four stage car cleaning kit contains bodywork shampoo, wheel cleaner, wax, glass cleaner and a microfibre sponge.

Price £25 at


Ford GT baseball cap

Ford GT baseball cap

Ford fans can celebrate the launch of the new GT model — and the car’s racing success in the World Endurance Championship — with this subtly-branded baseball cap. They call it a sandwich cap. We’re not sure whether sandwiches are included.

Price €18.90 (£16.50) plus £6.50 shipping at


Star Wars Stormtrooper travel mug

Star Wars Stormtrooper travel mug

With this branded travel mug, Star Wars fans can take hot beverages in the car while simultaneously advertising their passion for the George Lucas space opera franchise. No more megaphones or placards, then.

Price £10 at


Star Wars Chewbacca seatbelt cover

Star Wars Chewbacca seatbelt cover

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Wookies fitted these furry seatbelt covers to their Ford Fiestas. Probably.

Price £8 at


Pit stop panic game

Pit stop panic game

This fast-paced game involves firing “tyres” through a gap in the centre of the board. Can you clear your pit before your opponent? This is how Red Bull F1 practices its pitstops. Allegedly.

Price £8 at


Racing car wooden construction kit

Racing car construction kit at Halfords

A fun activity for families on Boxing Day and an attractive addition to any little boy or girl’s bedroom (or big boy or girl’s office, for that matter).

Price £7 at


Halfords 3-in-1 analogue tyre pressure gauge gift set

Halfords 3-in-1 analogue tyre pressure gauge gift set

Struggling for a bargain gift? Don’t get deflated. This set is ideal for stockings, friends or the office Secret Santa. It comes with and analogue tyre pressure gauge, a tread depth gauge and four aluminium valve caps.

Price £5 at


Car jokes cards

Halfords car jokes gift set

Add ammunition to the dad joke arsenal with this car-gag stocking filler. The writers promise that the jokes will leave you exhuasted. Boom boom.

Price £2 at

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