More Courses Added

Ok after a hectic week this week and last I am pleased to announce that more Driver CPC Courses have just been added today and yesterday to the website to assist people in completing all the Driver CPC Modules.

The extra courses I’ve added are all in Kilkenny for the readers of this site – yes I do courses elsewhere as well but that’s another story for another day.

Common Mistakes regarding Driver CPC

Courses are really busy at the moment and the number of drivers who have made errors in organising their training is frightening. Errors such as;

Completing more than one module per year

Completing the same module more than once in the five year cycle

Not realising there are different time cycles going on – if you only passed your test two years ago you should only be on your second module

Not having any modules done at all

How to check your Driver CPC Training Records - Home








Go to the RSA website and look for the section on the right highlighted in the graphic above.

Click on Driver CPC

This brings you to the next page where you’re looking for ‘My CPC’ - Driver CPCClick on the words ‘My CPC’ and it brings you to the driver portal

Register as a new user – you will need your Driver Number , D.O.B., and an email address which must be unique to each driver.

RSA will then send you a password enter and you will gain access to the portal to see your training records.

Reasons why you may experience problems when logging on to the 'MYCPC' portal.









Driving Licence/Driver number ( Non Irish licence holders are currently not eligible to access portal)

Email address (email address must be unique to the user – the same email address cannot be used for more than one driver)

Date of birth – please ensure that you input in the correct format – ddmmyyyy

Make sure you tick the box which says you agree to the terms and conditions of the site

If any of the above details are incorrect you will not be able to register your account. When you have successfully registered, you will be issued with a password (via email) which will enable you to log on to the 'MYCPC' portal.

Please note that passwords are automatically generated and cannot be changed. Therefore in order to avoid errors when entering your password, use a password safe to remember the password or copy and paste the password to the log in screen.

If you wish to get further advice as to how this feature works down load the guide in pdf format for free

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